Key Statistics


Since 1979 Iran has been an Islamic theocratic republic, with elected President and Parliament, subject to the appointed Supreme Leader’s veto.


Iran is a lower-middle income country, which since the 1979 Revolution has consistently experienced double-digit inflation levels. Its economic structure leads to boom and bust cycles.

Religion and Religious Freedom

Iran is predominated by Shi’a Islam but has a long Christian heritage, as well as being the home of other religions (Zoroastrian and Baha’i). Persecution continues to be focused on those becoming Christians from a Muslim background.

Addiction, Depression and Prostitution

With more than a million prostitutes, Iran also has highest opiate addiction rate in the world and significant levels of depression in the population.




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  This is a short testimony from Farzad, sharing his experience of the Lord Jesus, what he has done for him and how it has influenced him to


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